To protect our customer’s goods we rely on the largest insurance company in the world, Lloyd’s
of London. The insurance policy is global in scope and covers any loss or damage connected with the shipment of customer’s valuables. Vicenzasped’s insurance policy covers: 

  • transportation and escort of valuables;
  • shipments;
  • transportation of documents and mail;
  • in-house storage and custody of valuable.

In-house storage and custody of valuables

Vicenzasped owns two large vaults monitored 24 hours a day, properly set for the storage and custody of valuables. Valuables originating from non-EEC countries are stored under Temporary Custody Deposit. The customer must provide the fi nal destination of valuables within 20 days. If the deadline is not met, valuables are stocked as Private Customs Storage under Direct Custody. This is a small in-house “duty-free” area where valuables are assigned a customs destination and can be stocked up to a maximum of seven years. In either case goods are “bonded” and kept at customer’s disposal without payment of customs fees and VAT. Duties are paid only when the goods are distributed in the EEC market. As an alternative goods can be forwarded to a foreign country according to instructions provided by the sender.

Fiscal vat deposit

This is a specifi c section inside the vaults for the custody of domestic and EEC goods as well as foreign goods authorized to be distributed in the European Community. All procedures for import, storage and distribution of goods to any destination within or outside the European Community are performed without VAT payment.