Transportation and escort of valuables

Sicurezza Valori picks up and delivers valuables directly at customers’ offices at any time during the day and even late at night. Delivery at major domestic destinations takes place

the following morning. The service is carried out by qualifi ed licensed guards with highly sophisticated armored vehicles. Special care is ensured in escorting and handling valuables during pick-up and drop-off.

Precious metals/bars

This is a pick-up service of gold and silver bars and bullions from Italian and foreign Banking Institutes with drop-off directly at consignee’s home address, company or other banking institute.

Trade fairs

Sicurezza Valori offers a full range of services at all domestic fairs. Valuables are picked up and dropped off directly at the customer’s stand following all instructions received.

For European and international trade fairs we rely on the effi cient cooperation of our affi liates.

Collect of delivery

This is a domestic as well as international service of cash collection.

Following instructions provided by the sender, valuables are delivered only upon direct payment of the amount due by the consignee. ‘Sicurezza Valori’ checks the correct amount of cash collected and delivers it to the sender.